View Full Version : Noisy SB2

2006-03-22, 15:01
I have a bit of a problem with my SB2 and need some help!

The problem came to my attention when connected the SB2 to my new Power Amp and turned the volume down to 0.

The speakers are buzzing/hissing from both tweeter and mid/bas units, audible from upto 4m (I know that the signal to noise ratio is not good when I use it this way but I still think that this is to much noise)

If I disconnect the RCA plugs at the SB2 end the speakers are dead quiet.

If I just connect a pair of headphones to the SB2 the problem persists but can be solved by touching eg. the RCA plugs (This does not apply when connected to the power amplifier)

Now if I use a RCA/headphoneplug converter and connect this one to my power amplifier I get a different noise pattern. First I play some tune and then I turn the volume down to 0. The right speaker goes “hcrt … hcrt ect” and then changes to constant hiss/buzz noise. The left speaker just hisses and buzzes. The noise from the headphoneplug is not as loud as from the RCA plugs. The noise is not audible from 4 meter.

I have tried changing the supply to an other brand (with ground connection) and it did not change anything (price tag of 100-150$ as far as I remember)

I have also now tried connecting the SB2 to an other Amplifier and it shows the same behavior as I described when connecting it to my Power amplifier!

I have tested the amplifier with both a portable mp3 player and my CD player and none of them seemed to give any noticeable noise

Has anyone experienced similar problems with the SB2??

Update: I was asked to return it!! I dont know how I am going to live with out it I simply love my SB2 ;-|