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Tim Long
2003-11-13, 06:50
That was my comment too. [slim] is too generic. However, I use rules
to sort my email into folders, so I was able to use the List-ID header
to catch messages from this list.


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> From: Robert J. Wygand, III, Esq., D. D. [mailto:rob (AT) wygand (DOT) com]
> Sent: Wednesday 12 November 2003 19:39
> To: SLIMP3 Discussion
> Subject: [slim] New Message Board
> Kevin, Dean,
> Was just wondering if it was at all possible to change the 'Discuss'
> that gets prepended to message subjects to something more
> detailed. Many people are on a lot of mailing lists, and
> 'Discuss' is very generic...
> maybe 'SlimDiscuss' or 'SP3-Discuss' or anything, really,
> that gives a reader more of an idea what to expect with just a glance.
> Thanks!
> rjw