View Full Version : Various artists when browsing by genre

2006-03-22, 08:17
I originally posted this in the ripping/.../tagging forum, but I think this might be a better forum for it, as it seems to be related to the design of Slimserver, not the tagging method.

When browsing by genre, which I usually do, I get all artists, even those that have only one song on a compilation. The settings are correct (Group Compilation Albums Together, List albums by band) and when browsing by Artists, things are as they should be, only artist with albums appear, others appear as Various. In Genre browsing, I get the category Various correctly, but I also get all the artists. Is this by design?

I'm thus trying to get rid of all the Various artists when browing by genre, and I'm fairly sure that this was working fine (as I wanted) in some version of 6.5 (Nov-Dec 2005) I was running. After upgrading to a newer nightly and also trying both 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 nightly I can't get this to work again.
I have now gone through all tags (using Mp3tag 2.35) in my library that are for compilations and they now all have the tags Itunescompilation = 1 or Compilation = 1. After that I exited Slimserver, deleted the slimserversql.db file, restarted the server and had it rescan the library fully. No luck.

Any ideas?