View Full Version : Volume problem (resets to 25 randomly) on SN

2006-03-21, 21:38
Hi there - I got my two SBs about 3 weeks ago and they've worked great. I thought I'd found nirvana when I ran across the "Natural Sounds" on SN - finally I can toss my cheezy Wal-Mart and Sharper Image noise generators! Well, it worked great for a few days (I'm using the Rain Outside track), but starting the night before last, the volume will randomly reset to 25. Since the output is so low to begin with on SN (and on the admittedly poor Sharper Image speakers I'm using in the bedroom - I have them maxed), I have to crank it up usually to 35 for it to sound decent (otherwise I'd just leave it at 25 and boost the speakers some more).

There's neither rhyme nor reason as to the timing of the resets. I just started it up a little while ago and it reset at just over 32 minutes. Last night when it woke me up, I restarted the track and it ran for over three hours before resetting again.

Nothing else goes wrong, the track doesn't stop or reset (including the track time counter), the volume just changes from wherever I have it down to 25.

Any thoughts or suggestions? It's frustrating because now I need to go back to my little noise generators which don't have subwoofer outs. :)



2006-03-22, 08:15
One more datapoint... I tried running it again last night right after my first post, and it worked all night.


2006-03-22, 08:20
There's an open bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1577) related to volume when using the alarm clock, but I haven't heard of anything like this where the volume changes for no reason while just listening to something. If it continues to happen please open a bug.

Can you also explain what you mean by "Since the output is so low to begin with on SN"?