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2006-03-21, 19:25
I run slimserver latest 6x version on my linux box and it works fine with my local setup via http://localhost:9000
Now trying to streaming over the net via http://www.some_ip.com:9000
lets me connect and do everything I want only
there is no sound. I can see the progress bar moving happily
from left to right but no sound is coming through.
Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


2006-03-21, 19:39
I assume you aren't using a squeezebox?

Open a web browser as you did, then open winamp or xmms with the same url but with 'stream.mp3' appended to it. (ie, http://some.ip:9000/stream.mp3 is what you'd point winamp or xmms at)

You should then see your own IP in the menu.

2006-03-22, 01:39
I did all that and it works now on a linux machine.
On a windows machine there is still no sound.
Winamp connects ok , something is streaming as the buffers
grow and shrink happily , the driver is also ok according
to winamp but I can't hear a thing.
Otherwise winamp works fine.
Sure something fundamental I am missing here.

Thanks for further ideas


2006-03-24, 06:43
You've probably tried this, but...

The same happened to me the first time I tried listening remotely using WinAmp. I was looking at the wrong playlist I think -- is the IP address of your Windows box selected in the top-right hand corner?

Also, for some reason WinAmp occasionally stops playing on my system, and I have to click Stop and then Play.

2006-08-11, 04:50
I am having the same problem, but with ITunes:

I opened the following stream:

Itunes says "Welcome to SlimServer" in the track bar, and I'm now 7 minutes into playing the stream. No audio though.

also tried that with the IP address instead of the no-ip dynamic DNS mapping. Still no luck.

I think I am connected to the stream, because ITunes says "Welcome to SlimServer"

2006-08-12, 02:23
OK - I got a clue from tech support.

There are different playlists for each client attached to slimserver. Pick your connection in the upper right of the SS screen.