View Full Version : Defrag dramas

2006-03-21, 19:22
I have about 10,700 tracks in Apple Lossless in my iTunes library, about half are classical.
I recently installed MusicMagic (in its latest incarnation) and it took 40 plus hours to analyize the files in the library. As part of a monthly procedure a few days later, I ran a batch file that defrags each drive. To my surprise, the defrag of the iTunes dedicated disc took 24 hours as there were 10,500 fragmented files.
After adding a few new CDs to the library, I clicked "Rescan the Music Library" so that I could play the new music via my SB3, but it is still scanning 18 hours later. Checking what processes are running showed that c:\programfiles\slimserver...MOV123.EXE is the main program running.
Should I stop Slimserver and reinstall it ?
What has caused this - the defrag ? Prior to this a rescan would take only a few minutes.

Re-booted computer, did a Clear Library and rescan everything - took about an hour.