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2006-03-21, 17:47
I just received my sqeezebox 3 and was able to hook it up to my wireless network and play music.

Now I am trying to hook it up directly to a different computer by ethernet cable. I am using a crossover cable. How do I specify the network information to get the squeezebox and computer to talk to each other? I am using slimcd on the computer (old laptop).

Thanks in advance

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-21, 20:31
Unless you have two network cards, you won't have any Internet radio or SqueezeNetwork access.

I think SlimServer access will work though. You'll have to use a static IP address in the same subnet as the PC (i.e. if the PC is then make the Squeezebox DNS server and gateway shouldn't matter since you'll have no external access.

2006-03-22, 16:06

Thank you for your response. I intend to use this in a vacation home where there is no internet access, I just want to play my music collection.

Sorry for the newbie question, but how do I determine the static IP address of the PC?

Thank you for your help.

2006-03-22, 16:57
Under Windows, "ipconfig" from a command box will tell you.