View Full Version : Can't see SlimServer page in browser

2006-03-21, 12:06
I've set up SqueezeBox and installed SlimServer on WinXP, and SqueezeBox is working fine; but when I try to open SlimServer, it brings up Firefox with http://localhost:9000/ in the address bar and a blank page (just blank, not a 414 error). I don't see anything in internet explorer, either.

Is there some tweak needed to access the SlimServer page?

2006-03-21, 13:52
Well, that looks like it ought to have worked... you could always try http://<actualhostname>:9000 or http://<actual ip address>:9000


Mark Lanctot
2006-03-21, 14:19
Sounds like SlimServer didn't install properly? Verify that there are items in the SlimServer\server\HTML\Default folder.

May want to try reinstalling? Although I've never heard of this before. Works fine in Firefox for me.

2006-03-21, 17:52
Well http://<actual ip address>:9000 works - now I can see the SlimServer interface.

Unfortunately, a helpful tech suggested I install SlimServer as a service - at which point SqueezeBox could no longer see it. Now I've removed it as a service, uninstalled and reinstalled it, but SqueezeBox still can't see it. I can stream to WinAmp, and SqueezeBox can access SqueezeNetwork and Internet Radio, but not SlimServer...


Is it possible that there's some fancy router setting that needs enabling?