View Full Version : Wireless Zero Configurtion (windows users)

2006-03-20, 15:20

Im not the most technical person on here by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought i'd post this up to (hopefully) save some people the time and pain I went through.

Ive had my squeezebox for sometime now and mostly been happy, but i was getting plagued by drop outs and what seemed to be network related problems. After much investigation I found my problem to be the Windows (xp in my case) zero configuration service.

I had used this tool to configure the wlan settings on the Pc that acts as my slimserver, music library etc. Well it turns out that this little sucker constantly searches for wireless networks and disconnects from the existing network.

The solution is easy - disable the zero configuration service (and make sure it doesnt start up when you reboot) and use the propriety wlan config tool that comes with your wireless card.

Hopefully this will help somefolks out and isnt blindingly obvious to you techies on here