View Full Version : New problem: playlists added but they are all empty

2006-03-19, 21:28
So after an afternoon of messing around with my SB3 I got all of the playlists to show up. However, when I went to play them, I got an error message that said "problem: can't open file" (that was on the SB) and when I went to the host computer, all of the playlists (every one of them) were empty. So a bunch on new music, the SB to play them on, the software that manages to make all useless. I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to rebuild my database or something but I never would have bought the SB to beging with if I'd known how much work it was going to be. All I did was add 8 playlists to iTunes and rescanned and appreantly that was enough to hose the software and that is not very understandable...

2006-03-19, 21:37
What version of SlimServer are you using? There are a number of
iTunes related bugs fixed in the 6.2.2 version that's available here: