View Full Version : Playlists not being addded

2006-03-19, 17:07
I downloaded some 8 records from Emusic this afternoon and then added them to my iTunes library and created new playlists. Once the playlists were created I thought it would be good to refresh my SlimServer settings so I went in, selected Server Settings and selected the option to update playlists. I went back in to watch some more college basketball, came back in to check the playlists an hour later and none of the new playlists weree there. So I decided to choose the option to check for ne or updated music. Another hour, another casee of the playlists not showing up. I then tried to clear and rescan and it's the same effin deal. The playlists are in my iTunes library not in the SlimServer and therefore not available to the SB 3. WTF? I've tried everything and keep on ending up with the same 868 playlists and the SlimServer will not pick up the new 8 playlists which of course are the ones (new) I want to listen to.
I'm on a Mac running 10.4, wireless network, current version of the Slim software...