View Full Version : Is there any way to exclude certain artists from the list of artists?

2006-03-18, 20:09
I have several MP3s of famous speeches that I've tagged as their own genre "speech". Is there any way I can keep these from showing up when I browse artists?

It looks kind of silly to have John F Kennedy between John Coltrane and John Lee Hooker when I'm browsing artists. (Much less Al Sharpton sitting next to AC/DC).

2006-03-19, 02:30
I don't think there is a straightforward way to do what you want, at present.

A couple of ugly workarounds have been discussed here before:

(1) have all your speeches in a separate folder. Add a link to it from within your main slimserver folder when you want to be able to listen to the speeches, and remove it when you don't. Big downside: you'll need to do a rescan each time you change. Other people have used this technique for "Christmas" music, for example, or for "stuff you wouldn't want your mother to hear when she's visiting".

(2) Add a Genre setting "Music" to everything that isn't a speech. So tracks that were "Rock" and "Classical" become "Music;Rock" and "Music;Classical". Tell Slimserver to use the ; to separate multiple tag values. Then always start browsing by Genre, and select Music. The retagging is probably easier than you think - use mp3tag's regular expression feature to do a whole library in a single hit.

I guess it depends on how much finding speeches annoys you!!



2006-03-19, 02:42
Thanks for your reply. Option #1 seems like the best way to go in my case.