View Full Version : I have totally screwed my music files!

2006-03-18, 12:12
I was trying to back up my music folder to a separate hard drive using SyncToy's echo function. I had reformatted the hard drive I was backing up to because it contained some corrupted files. Everything seemed to go fine, but now I can't access any of the files on the new drive, and the files on the old drive say they are corrupted. The new drive shows no files in the FLAC Files folder where I transferred the files, although the properties function says I have used 121 gb of disk space. The FLAC Files folder is the only folder on the drive. WTF have I done??!!! I use WindowsXP.

2006-03-18, 18:15
Something to try with your new drive if you haven't done so already:

Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer). Select Folder Options... from the Tools menu. Click on the View tab. Under the Hidden FIles and Folders item, tick the radio button that says Show Hidden Files and Folders-ON.

Also, your new files aren't in the Recycle Bin, by any chance, are they?

2006-03-18, 20:40
They do not show even with the hidden files checked. They're not in the recycle bin because this is an external hard drive.

2006-03-18, 21:26
External drives can have recycle bins too.

There's a setting for whether they do or not.