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Jason Holtzapple
2003-12-12, 08:32
--- Erik Reckase <cerebus (AT) electricrain (DOT) com> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 04:58:37PM -0800, Jason Holtzapple wrote:
> > --- Erik Reckase <cerebus (AT) electricrain (DOT) com> wrote:
> > > More disconcerting is the behavior of the 'Browse Albums' list. If I
> look
> > > at the contents of each album in the list, each one has the last track
> > > listed twice in the tracklisting. One of the files is listed as FLAC,
> > > while the other is listed as WAVE (!?) Needless to say, that file does
> not
> > > exist, no matter how many times I rescan.
> >
> > This does not occur with my flac albums.
> >
> > > There is also an album in the list called 'No Album' that appears to
> > > contain the last track from each disc.
> >
> > Nor this.
> >
> Ok, I figured out at least part of this behavior. The files I had listed
> in one of the FLAC directories, for example, had a cue as well as all of
> the individual .flac files, and also a .log file from an Exact Audio Copy
> extraction. If I remove the cuesheet, this behaviour goes away completely.
> The cue generated is one of the 'non-compliant' cues (EAC can generate
> three types of cuesheets - we can go into the differences between each of
> them if you like). The cuesheets, in this case, referred to files with a
> .wav extension, and not a .flac extension (perhaps this is a clue to the
> behaviour above?)
> I don't want to get rid of the cuesheet in each directory (and I'd bet
> other folks won't want to, either) so perhaps there could be some way of
> turning off the parsing of the cuesheet by the server software, in the
> event that there are separate files for each track, instead of a single
> file?

I'd guess your original WAV files don't exist any more. Maybe the
server should check that the FILE in the cuesheet actually exists
before trying to use it for anything.

> > > Additionally, while single artist
> > > discs
> > > are sorted by tracknumber correctly, Various Artist discs are in a
> > > seemingly random order, although they're the same each time I rescan, so
> > > there's some logic to it somewhere.
> >
> > Yes, I reported this a while back - they are listed alphabetically
> > by artist when it should really be tracknumber (if available).
> When I removed the cuesheet from the directory, the tracks went back into
> correct numeric order. Interesting.
> > > I have solved the problem of ID3V2 tags being added to FLAC files,
> although
> > > I haven't fixed the code to read the ID3V2 in the event that the Vorbis
> > > tags on the FLAC file are empty. Not sure how complex that will be.
> >
> > Yuck! Why id3 tags instead of standard Vorbis-style comments?
> Dan and I had a test file that had ID3V2 tags on it that were populated,
> but the Vorbis tags in the FLAC file headers were not. Don't ask me why -
> although I *can* say that when I went back to some of my old FLAC files,
> some of them had ID3V2 tags on them - because I'd forgotten to uncheck the
> 'Add ID3 Tags' box on Exact Audio Copy when I made the quantum leap from
> MP3 to MPC/FLAC 6 months ago. There's easy ways to remove them, but the
> server software should be robust enough to skip ID3V2 if it IS present,
> check the Vorbis tags for content, and if there's no music-specific tags,
> revert to the ID3V2 tag content.

This is probably the best solution. Favor Vorbis tags if they exist
otherwise fall back on id3v2 tags.


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