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2006-03-17, 09:46
...seems gone. Navigating to their home page sends me to Shoutcast, and it's no longer there as a choice through any of Slim's Internet Radio choices. Does anyone have a clue where my favorite station went?

UPDATE: Just did a Google and found that RFC went off the air mysteriously on Mar 5. No one knows what happened to the station or its founder. Bummer.

2006-03-21, 11:00
Looks like you found the Wikipedia entry. There's a link down toward the bottom of that page to a forum that was set up to discuss what might have happened. The general consensus seems to be that Gary went nuts (or maybe he always was).

B.T.W. The South Africa (Cape Town) link that shows up in Shoutcast when you try to go to RadioFreeColorado.net is actually a station run by Gary. It'll actually show up as RFC when you pull it up on your SqueezeBox. Gary's come on and done a few rants on this station. He claims that he's moved to South Africa though most people seem to think he's still in Colorado.

He keeps switching formats... One day it's talk radio. The next it's 80's music...Today its something different. Most on the forum believe that he's doing it out of spite.

2007-07-23, 00:14
If you check the 128k WMA stream on the Radio Free Colorado website http://www.radiofreecolorado.net you will find that it is working. :)