View Full Version : SB3 can't open m4a file, mp3 will work

2006-03-17, 06:03

there is an unusual message on my SB3 since yesterday:

'Problem: File can't be opened'

I've downloaded unprotected mp4s and unlike all other MP3/MP4 before they can't be played through SB3 (in iTunes and Quicktime they play ok), it will display a message like 'Problem: File can't be opened'. I've tried with several SlimServers (osx and xp) and it does not make a difference.
If I convert those files to MP3 then they work fine (same directory, same permissions). All other unprotected MP4 work.

Are there special MP4s that SlimServer can't handle? Where can I find an error log of this? I'm using the Mar16 nightly 6.2.2


//Edit: Just discovered: If I recode them from AAC to AAC or MP3 with iTunes they play fine on SB3. So there must be some kind of MP4 that QT can read but Slimserver can't. If someone is interested in the unreadable format I could post a file with 1,5MB for demonstration purposes. Hans //