View Full Version : Question about "New Posts" in forums

2006-03-17, 01:09
This question is not about SB or SS, but about how the forums software operates.

I've recently taken to reading through the forums using "New Posts", which seems much more efficient than going back and forth into the various forums (Beginners, General Discussion, etc.). At what point does a "New Post" cease being new?

Perhaps more to the point, why do posts apparently disappear from "New Posts" AND switch their icons to indicate that I've seen the thread, when I haven't? I can understand there being a time or space limit on "New", but I would have expected unread threads to continue to appear unread....

If there's a readme somewhere just point me to it. Thanks.

2006-03-17, 08:45
It's usually based on your last visit time, so anything created since you last visited is "new". The problem is if you visit the site and only read one post, then leave. Next time you come back it will have marked all the other posts which were new back then as read, even though they're not.