View Full Version : SB3 Network Issue

2006-03-16, 20:12

First allow me to say that I'm the proud owner of an SB3 and it works marvelously. There is one issue that's mildly irritating but not significant.

My SB is setup as part of a wireless LAN, an Ad-Hoc network between my linux laptop and the SB. Now whenever I boot up the laptop and then turn on the SB, it fails to automatically find the slimserver. This forces me to repeat the network setup sequence, where I simply accept the parameters programmed originally. After this step, everything works.

Being lazy, I would prefer the handshaking to be done automatically. Hopefully this isn't a limitation of using an Ad-Hoc network. Any suggestions would be appreciated, including whether this is the right forum to post my problem. Thanks!

2006-03-17, 23:13
Hm, haven't seen that before. Please file a bug on http://
bugs.slimdevices.com/ with details about your network setup (card,
drivers, encryption, etc...)