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2003-11-12, 14:34
how about just [slim]

short & sweet

On Wednesday, November 12, 2003, at 01:26 PM, Kevin Deane-Freeman wrote:

> Quoting andreas <groups (AT) simply (DOT) nu>:
>> Jeff Shanholtz wrote:
>>> Actually, I'd rather see nothing. It just clutters up the message
>>> line to
>>> me. If you just filter the messages into its own folder in your mail
>> client,
>>> then there is no benefit to seeing [slim]. Just my opinion, and
>>> I'm
>>> certainly not complaining - I'm happy to get the messages however
>>> Slim
>>> decides to format them.
>> Well, well... I think I agree with this one! First I was about to say
>> "it was better before..."
>> but I stopped myself...
>> There's loads of headers to choose from for filtering, so why
>> bother...
> so that those who don't filter can see at a glance. i dont care what
> it says,
> just as long as it says something. Its like heading an off topic post
> with OT,
> courtesy. Something short, relatively unique is all that is required.
> However,
> shoudl it be decided to remove it, I wouldn't freak out either. I
> just can't
> see the point in getting fired up over any particular way. I can
> still get the
> messages and i can still read them. Keep with that and I'm happy :)
> -kdf

Ron Thigpen
2003-11-12, 14:42
Sean Adams wrote:

> how about just [slim]

and maybe [slim-dev] for the developers?