View Full Version : Can I stream Flac from slimserver to smartphone?

2006-03-16, 14:29
First off this is my first post so greetings to all of you who are fortunate enough to have expierienced the Slimdevice Squeezebox. I'm simply amazed by this product.

Is there a smartphone with Flac support that will alow me stream my music via slimserver. I was thinking of getting a treo 650 or 700 if it can do this.


2006-03-17, 15:11
If you use Pocket Tunes, an add on player, you can stream the output of the slibserver, but it must be transcoded to a lower bitrate and an mp3 stream. I do it at 64k and use the Treo's web broser to control things with the handheld skin. Not elegant, but useful if you have signal...
Pocket tunes http://www.pocket-tunes.com/