View Full Version : Squeezebox is changing volume

2006-03-16, 14:09
My Squeezebox suddenly failed to play the volume correctly. Wether it's music from a streaming station or from my harddisc, the volume constantly turns up and down, it sounds like someone is playing with the volume control.
I already tried a firmware update as well a factory reset. Anybody else noticed this? Thanks for your help and suggestions


2006-03-16, 20:17
So you weren't having this problem before and now it is happening? Is this happening within one song or over the course of several songs? Could be variation of track levels if you're playing on shuffle/random. Are you using the analog outs or the digital outs? Could be intermittent connection on the analog outs causing audio to drop in level sporatically. If you set the SB volume to a fixed output via home -> player settings -> audio -> fixed volume, does this still happen? If so, there might be a problem external to the SB. Good luck.

2006-03-17, 03:54
That sounds bizarre enough to be a defective unit. Call Slim Support.

2006-03-18, 18:21
Saw this with a build of SlimCD which had about 4 volume-related plugins installed - the volume would decrease progresively from maximum to zero in about 2 minutes.

I moved the plugins out of the Plugin directory and it appeared to stop the problem although I never did identify which plugin was the root cause, possibly a combination of plugins.

Have you installed any new plugins, or updated Slim Server?