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2006-03-16, 08:37
I'm having a problem with my SB2 locking up and refusing to respond to the remote control. This happens in a very particular situation and does seem to be reproducable.

Wireless SB2.
Slimserver is current stock version on windows xp home.

I use the sleep function to turn off the player at night ... while it is still playing. ( Think this is important as I don't think I have a problem if the playlist has already ended by the poweroff. )

I have an alarm function to wake me up again using a Random Song.

In the morning the SB2 does indeed start up at the correct time however it seems to loop through the last song or 2 from the previous nights playlist rather than play the new Random Song playlist from teh alarm function. ( Hard to tell exactly as i was asleep at the time! ). It displays Random Song mix on the display which appears to have locked. The remote has no effect at all. The screen savers do not kick in.
The only way to resolve this is either to physically power off/on the SB2 or go to the Slimserver and turn it off from there. Interestingly all the functions from the slimserver to the SB2 seem to work, I can change volume or select different songs, but until the SB2 has been turned off and on the remote refuses to function.

Any suggestions on resolving this? Any PD I can do to help?


2006-03-16, 09:25
Please try the latest nightly release of 6.2.2 and see if the problem
has been resolved.



2006-03-19, 15:57
Many thanks Dean!

I upgraded to the 6.2.2 nightly of 16th March which upped the SB2 to firmware 35 from 28.

This seems to have fixed the odd alarm behaviours completely.