View Full Version : Tip for direct connection to amplifier

2006-03-15, 19:20
One of our Slimp3 setups routes the slimp3 directly to an amplifier, instead of to a receiver or a preamp, for instance.

The problem with this setup has been that max volume is quite low, even with the amp's variable input setting turned all the way up (i.e., most sensitive), and the amp having quite a bit of power. (And of course the slimp3 on max vol.) For instance, "max volume" really was more of a "normal" volume level, and not that loud.

The problem was that the amp is expecting a higher signal that the slimp3 can provide.

Therefore, I added inbetween the slimp3 and the amp a "line level amplifier" from here:


It's the "Little Amp" by Audioplex. It takes the line out signal from the slimp3, and amplifies it a little bit before the signal goes to the amp.

Now, the amp is getting the signal it needs, and the volume level can be loud.

Anyway, if you are having a similar issue, it's worth checking out.