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2006-03-15, 13:42
I can make this short and sweet.

Can the slimserver be used as an internet radio?

This thread is in light of the fact that I have been having the hardest time getting this to work with my phone. I have the PPC6700, which means that I get EV-DO service everywhere I need to be. I want to be able to just connect to the stream and have music be playing. The problem is that my IP changes constantly, everytime EV reconnects.

With slimserver as it is, it wants to create profiles for every player. This is very complex and nice, but totally useless for me.

So, in summary, is there a way to make the server NOT distinguish between players? This means play the same stream on all IPs, anything that connects to the stream gets the same music.

The only possible solution that I can think of is to tunnel all inbound http connections on port 9000 to localhost:9000. By doing this, the server always thinks that localhost is always requesting the music. There may be problems about multiple simultaneous connections though.

2006-03-15, 14:52
Looks like portforwarding is working fairly well, for those of you who are interested.

I got a program called rinetd. Its a simple TCP port fowarder. Right now I am simply forwarding from an arbitrarily chosen port to the slimserver port. Now all connections are

Any other suggestions would still be interesting in the stead of running two services just for music.

Secondarily, now slimserver runs as both a radio, who's configuration is, and as the normal slimserver, who keeps configurations based on IP. This is done by forwarding one port, say 10101 to the slimserver port, 9000. That way, any connections on your server at 10101 come from "" and any connections on 9000 are normal.

2006-03-22, 15:22
How can you run rinetd as a service or automatically start it up when windows boots? I have windows xp and could only find the unix startup commands in the docs.

I found a windows service however called relaytcp that allows an automatic service startup of the

BTW, this is working for me now. I am streaming to my treo650 using pockettunes. Create a bookmark with http:/userid:password@homeserveripaddress:9999/stream.mp3 and then on my home router allow the port and redirect to port 9999 on the slimserver machine, then run the tcp redirect on the slimserver machine from port 9999 to localhost port 9000.

Presto, I can now keep my default setup for the localhost player while accessing from changing tcp addresses.

Thanks for the tip!

Now if only we could get ogg streaming instead of mp3!