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2006-03-15, 13:30
There have been several previous posts concerning Squeezebox2/3 compatability with Draytek wireless routers when trying to use WPA-PSK and WPA2. Basically it does not work. If 128 bit WEP is used, everything is fine.

There are two open bugs, #1629 and #3075, one on the 2600G series and the other on the 2800VG, but they seem substantially the same. It seems that Draytek's implementation of WPA does not like Squeezeboxes!

Slim Devices reported the problem to Draytek Taiwan in July 2005 on ticket #2005071810000337. There was some activity at the time but it has all gone quiet. I chased up Draytek yesterday and they claim to still be waiting for more information from Slim Devices.

Draytek did send me the latest beta firmware for my router (a 2600VG) version 2.5.8rc1 which I have installed and tested with my Squeezebox2 firmware 35 Slimserver 6.2.2 03/12/2006. No change, WEP is fine but WPA is a non starter.

I was not in a position to switch my network over to WPA before now due to some older devices. These are no longer in service and I would now like to increase my wireless security but cannot because of the Squeezebox.

I know everyone at Slim Devices is very busy and this problem is not a priority, but Draytek seem very responsive and willing to look at the problem. Any chance of someone reviving the ticket?


PS My router allows WPA keys of 8 to 63 ascii characters or 64 hex digits. I was planning on using a 64 hex digit key - how would I enter such a key in the Squeezebox? - The field is only 63 characters long!

2006-03-18, 00:43
Unfortunately I have the same issue between my Draytek 2800VG and the SB3.
The SB3 just won’t connect to the 2800VG using WPA-PSK or WPA2.
Until a month ago I was using a Draytek 2600G (1st revision) with the same problem.
After upgrading to ADSL2+ I decided to buy a 2800VG because I believe
Draytek build one of the fastest and most reliable routers out there.
I tried all of the available firmware versions (28 – 35) for the SB3 but no success.
I own 2 other wireless devices using WPA-PSK and they connect to the 2600G\2800VG just fine.
Slim Devices support told me that they do not have a Draytek router available for testing.
I understand that it would be too expensive to purchase every singe WIFI router out there,
but it should be possible to get in contact with Draytek support as they seem very responsive indeed.

2006-04-19, 04:55
I have a Draytek 2600G and have just bought a SB3. My attempts to update the router to 2.5.9 only caused it to lock up when the Linksys card in my laptop tries to connect.

I'm now faced with finding a workable set of:

Router firmware,
SB3 Firmware,
Laptop firmware,
Laptop drivers

I'm beginning to conclude that 'Firmware' ranks right up there with War and Pestilence as being a blight on mankind.

'Wire' is looking like such an exciting technology.

2006-06-02, 02:10
Just got my SB3 today and had a few difficulties connecting to my draytek 2600g. However....

Upgraded firmware on it, and now works on WPA2 like a charm.

The above issues might have been solved, but thought I'dd add the post in case (like me) you were trying to work out if it was compatible!

Anyone know the link to the router info page? Will add an info line for this router there.

2006-06-02, 02:13