View Full Version : SB1 lagging

2006-03-15, 07:02
I've been lurking around the forums and didn't find an exact answer. I have an SB1 and as of late, the music seems to be skipping. As if it's just waiting for the track to resume.
The SB had been rebooting by itself and that was replaced under warranty. (Thanks tech support!)

What should I turn on to debug in the server settings to see if the server is lagging? The PC it's on is a 733 P3 with Win2k so it shouldn't be too slow but it has been acting up as of late.

This occurs when playing 196kbps mp3s or potentially even 128.

Or might it be the network? Can I upgrade the wireless card inside the SB to the newer 802.11g card? It skips even when I don't have a laptop active on my wireless router (D-link DI-624).

Is there a patch someone can point me to? I've tried changing my OS to give preference to back ground processes and moved the server up to higher priority without success.

Any help is appreciated.