View Full Version : SQL Databse help & various artist behaviour

2006-03-15, 04:06
Hi all
With reference to my previous thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=21857) which has dropped off the "radar" on this board, I wonder whether anyone can help me with this..?
I find that the tracks are ordered by artist rather than track number for compilation albums when I have Slimserver set to Compilation album mode (ie various artist field on artist browse). This is only on the Web UI, everthing is fine on the Squeezebox. Running 6.22 on a WinXP machine. All tags are correct (I swear!) using mostly FLAC, with no ID3 tags at all.
I would love to know if this is expected behaviour. If you browse the offending albums via Artist > various artist > album name then the tracks are ordered by number as expected. If you browse by music folder the tracks are ordered by number (as I have the track number in the file name). Only when browsing by album, genre, or artwork do the tracks get wrongly ordered.

Looking at the SQL database, specifically at the MULTIALBUMSORTKEY, I notice that the start of this field has the artist name for each song, for non compilation albums there is the single artist name (seems sensible to me).

Can anyone, please, just clarify if this is the expected behaviour of browsing (via the Web UI) whilst utilising the various artist feature for compilation albums. Then I can just leave this be, or more correctly file an enhancement request to put it back to track number!!

Thanks in advance,