View Full Version : playing music with the PC off

2006-03-15, 02:04
Hi - is it possible to set up SB3 wireless so that it can play music when the PC is not turned on? Can it access a wireless network drive directly? If so, does it have to be any specific sort of drive?

2006-03-15, 03:24
With your own slimserver off, the only thing you can access is Squeezenetwork and internet radio stations.

The SqueezeBox requires a slimserver to work (the box itself has very little software inside, enough to set it up and thats about it). Think of Squeezenetwork as a Slimserver in the sky if you like. Squeezenetwork tells your player what to display, and which stream to open.

There is no way for it to access your music without having your own Slimserver running. However, there are several NAS storage system out there that can run slimserver as well as serving files to the network, so that might be an option to save having your PC on all the time.

EDIT: Meant to say, there are a lot of threads regarding this topic already, have a search about, i'm fure you'll find something on either the forums, Wiki or FAQs.

2006-03-15, 10:05
Thanks very much for yur help. There are a few articles on the Buffalo linkstation NAS but being a Windows man and not Linux it doesn't look very straight forward, or even reliable, so I think Ill give it a miss. Thanks anyway .. Rob