View Full Version : Siemens Simpad CL4 vs. Nokia 770

2006-03-14, 17:01
Can anyone help me on this device? I have found many of this Webpad on e-Bay at a price not so high (<100 Euro). The auctions are in german and on Siemens Webpages there is nothing.
Is comparable with the Nokia 770? It's seems to me that on the simpad there isn't a Wireless 801b/g but only a wireless DECT (need some accessory?).
There is some German SB users that use it? It's usable also outside (for example here in Italy)?
Thanks. Riccardo

2006-03-14, 18:37
Have you seen this review?

It runs Linux too:

I'm assuming you want to use this for the SlimServer web interface ... the question is, how is the device's web browser performance? I am accessing the web interface via an ePods (MIPS CPU / WinCE 2.11 / IE4) and the performance is less than stellar - with the number of items per page in SlimServer set to only 20, it takes 6 to 8 seconds to bring up each "browse by artists" page; if I set the items per page to the default of 50, it takes about 10 seconds. The upside is, album covers look great on the ePods large screen (similar to the Simpad).

The Simpad has a faster CPU and a more current version of WinCE, so hopefully it'll do better ...

2006-03-14, 21:00
Compared to a Nokia 770, that thing seems like a dinosaur. I'd try it out if it's *REALLY* cheap... and sell it on eBay if it performs crappy. ;-)

2006-03-14, 21:58
The Siemens does not have wifi (it is from 2001). It was to be used in combination with a ISDN DECT phone switch as far I can remember. Nice screen but no use for it in 2006 anymore.

2006-03-16, 14:14
Thanks for the replies. Searching a little bit more on the web I've found more information. Perhaps using the internal card interface for a wireless card it is possible to use it as a WiFi remote, but the poor (better, NONE) support for this device I'm choosing not to buy. What a pity! It has a nice screen.