View Full Version : Alarm clock not restarting playlist

2006-03-14, 01:37
When my alarm clock goes off it doesn't start the playlist from the beginning. I don't use shuffle. To have it start from the beginning I have to start the playlist manually before I go to sleep and stop it at the first song. I use 6.2.1.


2006-03-14, 09:43
The server keeps track of the last played song in a given playlist.
there was a bug where the song was not reset at the end of a playlist.
This should be fixed with the latest builds of 6.2.2

2006-03-15, 01:08
Sometimes I manage to get up from bed before the playlist is finished. Then I turn off the player in the bedroom and turn on the player in the kitchen. In the kitchen I listen to other playlists than the wake-up ones. The next time I use the wake-up playlist it will start where it ended. I want the alarm to restart from the beginning everytime.

If I play the playlist to the end everything is fine and I think that is what your answer is all about. Or is the above problem fixed as well?

Thanks a lot for your attention to this problem.