View Full Version : Diagnostics/Debugging in slimserver

2006-03-13, 15:37
Am now back to my Belkin router and the same problems described in this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=21866.

Basically, after about 200Mb streaming (half hour of FLACs a few hours of MP3s) the SB3 stops, seems to lose the network conection. I think it is a router problem (I have the same problem copying large files over the wireless network, using Windows XP) but cannot for the life of me work out what.

In order to try to understand what is happening when the SB3 stops playing, is there any value in looking at the debugging in slimserver? If so, can anyone describe to me what I should be looking at/for? I know you can turn on various options in "server settings/debugging" in slimserver but don't know what to look for - it is a very long and confusing list!

Any advice much appreciated!