View Full Version : Live365 login error

2006-03-13, 03:17
I can't seem to access Live365.. the interface page just says 'Login Problem'. I've checked and re-entered the username/password but no joy - is there anything else I can check?


2006-03-15, 23:53
I'm having the same problem.

I've successfully created an account on Live365, non VIP. But the SB doesn't let me sign in.

Sux, not being able to save 365 favs on the SB, I snag the URL of the 365 stream and paste it into my SqNetwork favs. list for instant access.

what's up with not being able to login ?

2006-03-16, 00:17
signed in/out of SN, then Live365 autorecognized my account. Cool !