View Full Version : Max. Compression Ratio for FLAC?

2006-03-12, 19:56

I'm getting ready to archive all my cd's to Flac, and to buy a Squeezebox. I'm wondering if there's a maximum compression ratio that the Squeezebox can handle with flac files. I want to use level 8 compression, and I've heard that some other hardware flac decoders can only decode files that are compressed to like, level 3. Thanks.

2006-03-12, 20:02
I'm using flac files compressed to level 8 and Squeezebox has handled them just fine.

2006-03-13, 02:54
I believe the decoder software in the SB3 is ported from the full codec so it can handle pretty much anything the currect FLAC release can through at it.