View Full Version : Switching Between Slimservers

2006-03-12, 17:57
I have been testing Slimserver on two different machines on the same network (one WinXP, the other Linux) and have been unable to find out how to get the Squeezebox to switch from one to the other without pulling out the power and setting up networking again. Any suggestions?


P.S. Tried searching but got "The requested operation could not be performed by the proxy. Document contains no data". Is the search down at the moment?

2006-03-12, 19:53
You can reset your squeezebox by holding the red power button down on the remote for 5+ seconds. That gets you to the setup/startup menu where you can choose which server to connect to. Its a work-around, but saves having to go round the back of the unit etc.

2006-03-12, 20:03
You can also hold down the left arrow for ~5 seconds to get to the menus for selecting server, network setup, etc.

2006-03-12, 20:20
Excellent! Thanks for the tip.

2006-03-12, 23:28
press-and-hold left on the remote. after a few seconds, you'll go back
into the setup where you can choose the server.