View Full Version : Ethernet: "can't find..."

2006-03-12, 13:35
I have been running the latest Squeezebox and software on a Mac via ethernet for the past few days with a brand new player. Today, after playing about a third way through the first song, the sound cuts off and I get a "Can't find the server..." message. Have restarted machines etc...every now and then, I get it working, but the same thing happens.

Do not have screen savers or other energy saving options on.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

2006-03-12, 15:21
A wired connection, which means it isn't one of the standard problems.

Never ignore the obvious. Make sure all the cables are properly plugged in. And, if you have a spare cable around, try swapping cables, they are sometimes marginal in quality.

Sorry that's the best I can suggest.