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2006-03-12, 09:15
Hi any help would be apprecieated. I have about 10000 mp3 files and wma on my computer and Need to try and get it better organized for my squeezebox v3 can anyone give me some assistance please!

2006-03-12, 09:56
You might give us some more information about the nature of the problem but in the meantime some things that I found useful:

- cleaning up the mp3 tags. If you haven't done this it can make a big difference. You can do this in a lot of different ways. There is a bunch of freeware out there. I use a package musiclibrary from wensoftware. ( I think it's about $20). It's got a lot of wildcarding functionality and is faster than the freeware that I tried. But I did NOT do any kind of exhaustive comparison; I just tried two of the freeware tools, was dissatisfied, read about musiclibrary somewhere, tried it and it worked well. If it's helpful I probably spent about 8 hours over a week or so doing cleanup. Once you get the hang of it it's kind of enjoyable and it does make browsing much more effective (you get rid of three or four different versions of an artist name ('Tom Waits' vs 'Waits, Tom' vs 'T Waits' vs 'T. Waits')

- using the Browse by Directory function. One of the great things about slimserver for me is the Browse by Directory feature. I've tried keeping the 'genre' field in the tag updated and consistent but using directories is much easier for me. I've got 5 'main' and somewhat idiosyncratically defined categories/genres as directories under 'my music'. I can then just move whole chunks of stuff around using normal wxp drag/drop without having to mess with the mp3 genre tags.

2006-03-13, 06:35
I highly recommend using www.MusicBrainz.org and the helper application that you can download from that homepage: http://musicbrainz.org/tagger/index.html

It will scan all your MP3 files and set the ID3 tags correctly. Now you know what the songs really are, in case they were named/tagged incorrectly.

It can also (if you so choose) move the verified MP3 files away from their current location and into a directory structure that you can configure. So if you have everything in "C:\unsorted", it can sort your files into "C:\sorted\artist\album\title.mp3" or whatever you like.

I have used it on my 15.000 mp3's with great success. Only downside is that it only works with mp3, not WMA.