View Full Version : BBC rebooting my SB?

2006-03-12, 07:21
Lately (starting today), when I try to tune in BBC World Service on SqueezeNetwork it is rebooting the SB. The URL I'm trying to stream is http://stream.servstream.com/ViewWeb/BBCTechnology/Event/BBC_World_Service.asx

It's a wired SB2 running firmware 35 from the 11-March nightly of 6.2.2. Any ideas for solutions? Thanks.

2006-04-06, 06:24
Replying to my own post just to document the solution. So if it happens to someone else, their search won't come up dry.

I was getting this behavior not only with BBC World Service, but also with BBC 6, 7, and 8. All are listed among the "Slim Devices Picks" on SqueezeNetwork. All worked fine on my wireless SB3, but rebooted my SB2. All other streams played fine on the SB2, both via Slimserver and SqueezeNetwork.

The apparent culprit: a bad SqueezeNetwork PIN. I happened to notice that the SN web site continually said that my SB2 was not connected to SN, even when it was. So I deleted the SB2 from my list of Squeezeboxes on my SN 'account', and then re-entered the information. Voilą!

One odd thing is that the SB2 seems to report a different PIN every time I check its settings menu, but it works, so I'm not going to mess with it.

EDIT: I should say that the culprit was either a bad SqueezeNetwork PIN, or possibly an erroneous MAC address registered with SN. And perhaps the two are related?