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2006-03-11, 23:39
Please forgive me if this post has no place here, but I find myself at wit's end trying to get into what I've read are 2 of the best places to download indie music on the web: oink (http://oink.me.uk) and indietorrents (http://indietorrents.com/). These sites are both invite-only, and sadly I don't know anyone who belongs to either.

I am a good bittorrent user; I keep a high share ratio and I always seed after I download.

Does anyone in the Slim community have an invite they could send my way? I'm really sorry to beg, I know it's unseemly, but I'm dying of curiousity out here. And again, I'm really sorry to beg, but it's late at night and I've been reading too many posts elsewhere about all the great stuff I'm missing out on.

Thanks in advance...

2006-03-11, 23:57
I don't know anything about those sites, but here are some indie-specific posts I saw on another forum thread on free mp3s. You may want to check some of these sites out:

Insound has a very good selection of free indie mp3s


Pitchfork's list isn't as good, but they update frequently and have some genuinely good tracks


I'm not entirely sure on the legality, but Said the Gramophone is an excellent indie MP3 blog


http://www.epitonic.com - A lot of smaller label stuff with some big names interspersed. Usually only 1 or 2 mp3s per band, but it's a great way to find new stuff.

http://www.3hive.com has dozens of gb for free - it's like a clearinghouse of mp3s that bands and labels host on their sites, but with reviews.


It's a good site if you like jam bands. It has tons of shows of different bands. Just click free stash in the top right corner.

2006-03-12, 09:27
Thanks for all the links! I appreciate the music help. :)