View Full Version : Performance Issue SB 3 & Mac OS X(iMac G4)

2006-03-11, 21:08

I am just in the process of using my new SB 3 in conjunction with my iMac G4(10.4.4, 768 meg physical memory).

I have installed the AlienBBC & iTunesupdate plugin, but I am having a tough time with performance in this rig. Once I start playing a particular playlist(iTunes) in the SB3, things sound great, but my mac is brought to its knees. Using the activity monitor I find that perl uses about 70% of cpu and further, the remote is unusable. I am only about to play one or at the most 2 songs before the music playback just starts stuttering.

This happens after playing barely 1 or 2 songs in the playlist. Stopping playback doesn't help either. The only cure seems to be to stopping & starting the Slimserver.

I am running Slimserver 6.2.1, with the plugins listed above.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.


2006-03-11, 21:16
Update to my previous post.

I uninstalled the iTunesupdate plugin and that seems to make the difference. perl is not using 70% of the cpu and things seem to be fine. I will try running newer versions of Slimserver and see whether anything else works.


2006-03-11, 22:22
Update :

I think this post probably ought to go in the forums on plugins.

I moved from SServer 6.2.1 to 6.5.b1, and also update iTunesupdate to the appropriate version. Unfortunately the performance issue still remains. I have disabled direct update, and I will try out tomorrow once again and see whether that makes any difference.

Is there any other way to update the iTunes library information on the songs played/count etc? I think this plugin is fabulous but unfortunately it renders my system practically unusable.

Please note, I may also be to blame here. The system is an aging machine(iMac G4 1 ghz, 768 megs of memory). Is that a possible reason too? My library is about 5800~ songs.

Thanks for any feedback.


Steven Moore
2006-03-12, 06:54
Using the same machine as yourself with ~10,000 songs and a sb1 but I am finding 6.2.1 very useable. I did have a few problems lately but after clearing everything slim out and re-installing a couple of times it seems to be working okay.
At a guess I would say you are correct in assuming the itunesupdate plugin is causing the problems, I've never used it myself but whenever I do a re-scan, my sb is unusable also.

2006-03-12, 10:09
I think the problem is definitely iTunesupdate. I have disabled iTunesupdate and things seem to be just fine.

My SB3 has been working like a champ for the last 3 hours without skipping a beat(no pun intended ;-).

I guess it is time to visit the plugins forum and start my work there.