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2006-03-10, 18:10
New to Squeezbox and the on-line music scene. I really like my remote control squeezebox and Pandora. Thanks for integrating them and the free 3 month trial.

Reading about Pandora, it seems they have licensed music for purpose of suggesting similiar songs. And that they have a fairly limited number of songs (100,000 sticks in my mind, but don't quote me).

I'm finding that on some of my stations Pandora is playing really obscure songs by well known artists. For example, I have a JJ Cale station and it plays Quicksilver Messenger Service and Kinks, but not any of the songs that those bands are known for. Songs I've never heard of before (which I agree is the point of Pandora :-)

I plan on trying Last.fm next, and I'm guessing that they can play any song, and pay royalities (which my subscription fee covers).

If both of my above assumptions/guesses are true, then my long term use of Pandora is going to be very limited. I mean if they don't have a big library of "good" songs, then why listen to them over Last.fm

If anybody would like to chime in with some background information on how this on-line music industry works and what alternatives I have in the near future, I would appreciate it.



2006-03-12, 12:43
don't know about the song limits or missing 'hits' but here is a description of the contrasting models


2006-03-12, 16:08
Last.FM is great, but they can't play "any" song. If you browse through their indexes you'll see what is streamable and what is not. And its not paid for by your subscription - the free service isn't a lot different from the paid one (although I do currently subscribe, but that's mainly because its a small amount of money and I really want to encourage them).