View Full Version : Who's paying for squeezenetwork

2006-03-10, 17:48
I'm a new Squeezebox owner and like it very much, so thanks to everybody that has contributed.

I know I sent Slim Devices $300 for the hardware, but don't think I'm paying any monthly subscription fees (maybe I need to examine my credit card statement more closely :-)

While my 40k I'm sucking down is not much, multiplied by all the other people, I'm sure it's a substantial amount of bandwidth.

I'm not hearing any ads, so how is this working and if it's now free, when might it change ?



p.s. On the background noise sounds, like Waves or Heartbeat, is that being sent over the net, or is that being generated from the Squeezebox ?

2006-03-10, 17:53
squeezenetwork doesn't use that much bandwidth: the vast majority of streams are served from other places. It just provides the 'control' mechanism. If you stream something from live music archive or pandora, for example, it comes from the archive.org or pandora.com servers.

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-10, 18:02
The ambient noises are stored on SqueezeNetwork servers. The Squeezebox is really "Slim" as the name of the company implies.