View Full Version : Softsqueeze -- tip and bug!

2006-03-08, 20:46
First off, Softsqueeze is just awesome. We have gotten so used to the UI of our Slimp3's, that it's nice to be able to mimic this on the pc side.

Next, one tip. I found that when running a certain program, myhtpc, and trying to start softsqueeze, that it didn't get focus properly. The fix was to start it via the "java -jar softsqueeze.jar" command instead of via simply executing "softsqueeze.jar". Why this works, I do not know.

Finally, one bug in Softsqueeze. Specifically, there is a bug with the LCD skin. If you switch to this skin, exit Softsqueeze, and then reenter softsqueeze, no keyboard shortcuts work! You have to switch to another skin and then switch back to LCD to get it to work. Not sure who I should report this to . . . is there a bug reporting mechanism for softsqueeze?