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2006-03-08, 14:10
Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the wakeup timeout on my SB3? Here's what happens.

When I come home from work, my computer is usually in hibernation mode from the night before, and my SB3 screen is blank. I press the on button on my programmable remote, which also turns on my stereo and selects the correct input, and begins to wake the server. The squeezebox says that it is waking the server for about ten seconds or so, but because the server takes a minute or more to wake, the SB screen goes dark again. When the server finally wakes, the SB3 displays the date and time, but is in "off" mode. I must then press power a second time to put the SB into "on" mode.

I would like to be able to set the timeout for waking the server to a longer value. In my case, this might be up to two minutes. This way, when I press the on button, the screen would display that it is waking the server for up to the full two minutes, and then, when it finally awakes, the SB would remain in the "on" mode.

The way it works now is ok, but it confuses my wife for some reason. She can't get past why sometimes you have to turn the SB on a second time, and other times you don't. It is also a bit of a nuisance with my Harmony remote since you must hit a different button to turn it on the second time (if you own one of these, you will understand why).



2009-01-08, 12:25
Hi Dave

I have exactly the same problem with my Boom! Have you found a solution in the meantime?

Regards Daniel

2009-01-08, 16:50
Actually i dont think your proposed solution would fix it. My Server takes about 3 seconds to come out of sleep (S3), yet it's always 'off' when it connects - it is a bit frustrating, but i usually then pick up the SB Controller and drop the universal (Harmony One) IR remote. Maybe an enhancement on bugzilla is a good idea though, i would certainly vote for it.

EDIT: Yikes, just realised the original thread is 3 years old!

2009-01-09, 04:01

If you want it fixed so its logical vote for the bug: