View Full Version : SB3 doesnt obtain IP on wireless router

2006-03-08, 02:18

i recieved my new SB3 wireless yesterday but am having problems connecting it to my wireless network! :-(

I read the postings on the subject but didnt solve it yet.

When i configure the SB to connect to my router (Linksys WPG624v3) it connects to the wireless but i can see in the routers connection list that the device only shows up as ------ with no IP (only MAC address tells me its the SB)

Later when i setup SB to DHCP it gives itself the infamous 169.x.x.x address so i try manuel setup:


but still it doesnt get an ip and i cant connect to my slimserver or squeezenetwork :-(

I tried disabling both access list and encryption on the network without any luck (run WPA PSK at the moment).

What could be the problem?

I can connect my laptops to the network just fine!

any help greatly appreciated!


ps. what about a dedicated "Technical" section of this forum?

2006-03-08, 04:45

As you have already spotted, you're not the first person to have trouble getting wireless networking going. In fact,there is a page in the Wiki just for you! It is at


Its very new and doubtless doesn't cover everything yet, but it would be really helpful if you could say

(1) whether you've already found this page

(2) whether you've tried everything in there

(3) what version firmware you have in your SB

Don't worry, we'll get you going soon....


2006-03-08, 07:40
Hello Ceejay,

ad.1) No i didnt see find the wiki page, even though i was on the wiki frontpage. I'd say its well hidden ;-) It should definately be on the frontpage with bold red letters! :-o (also its very annoying that the "wiki" navigation doesnt have a link when you are on wiki subpages! It took me some time to figure out that there was a link at the bottom too).

ad.2) This guide didnt mention anything i hadnt tried, but solved the problem anyway! The "turbo mode" problem caused me to yet again flip through the routers setup screens, and behold: "Disable Advanced 108Mbps Features" wasnt ticked off :-O

disabling those did the trick ;-)

thanx for the help!
cant wait to start squeezing :-)