View Full Version : This is surprising: INXS Kick

Mark Lanctot
2006-03-07, 20:01
OK, so I'm ripping some long-forgotten CDs.

Now one negative thing about Kick and INXS in general is the extremely simplistic lyrics. Sounds like teeny-bop.

But boy, for a recording of that age it sounds fantastic! My Squeezebox and sound system really make it shine. Excellent imaging, great detail...really pretty groovealicious.

Just about every track has a neat feature I never noticed before or just sounds very polished.

2006-03-07, 20:29
I liked Kick but I find I can only listen to the "hits" now, the other tracks don't seem to hold up for me even though I liked them when they were first released. They have too much of that "80s pop" feel for me.

Give Welcome To Wherever You Are a try if you haven't heard it before. IMO its their best album from start to finish.

2006-03-09, 13:49
Well based on the recommendation I've listened to Kick for the first time in years.

The bulk of my listening to it in the past was on my trusty Philips CD650 back in the eighties. At the time it sounded horribly compressed and flat and its been written off as a bit of a dud since then really. The CD650 was pretty good for its day - it was the first generation of the Philips 16 bit players (TDA1541 DAC I think).

On the Squeezebox its a completely new album. Compared to memory its as though serveral veils have been lifted.....and it rocks!!!

Thanks for pointing this gem out.



2006-03-11, 17:26
I had it on vinyl and it was sonically pretty good (amazing by american pop standards). I never got into it musically though.