View Full Version : nicecast, airport extreme and squeezebox 3

2006-03-07, 17:23
Hi, has anyone got any tips to get this combo working ?

When i enter the local url into the slimserver web gui, it auto translates to my real ip address.

I assume this is some router issue. I have searched the web and tried turning on 'Enable NAT port mapping protocol' but with no diff.

When i enter the local address in the slim server it translates to the real ip of my router and url wont play.

Any ideas ?


2006-03-11, 13:18
I see some people have nicecast working.

How did you do it ?


2006-03-11, 13:28
I experimented with Nicecast a long time ago, but haven't used it recently. I can't recall if I had to create a playlist manually, or if I was able to tune in and create it.

Anyway, I seem to have a text file named Nicecast.pls

which reads

Title1=Daniel Cohen's Broadcast

This, I think, should be a playlist that the SB can recognise and play.

Here is the local address (assigned by my router) of my computer - or probably I chose a static address for the computer - and 8000 is the default port on which Nicecast sends its stream.

No guarantees, as I haven't checked this lately, but worth trying.

Or, of course, ask RogueAmoeba, who make Nicecast.

2006-03-11, 14:21
Great thanks !

it's working, guess the radio url code performed some dns lookup.

The playlist format didn't seem to like the title etc

but having


Works great ! Thanks