View Full Version : Problem scanning particular album

2006-03-07, 14:27
I'm having problems getting the SlimServer to scan a particular album correctly.

The album folder contains 16 mp3 files and a cover.jpg

Symptom: When I Browse Artwork the album shows up with a placeholder, even though I have set up the server to not show placeholders. When I then click the placeholder the album view does have a picture. And sometimes after a rescan the album view contains duplicate entries for some of the songs.

My testing:
1) Enabeling debugging (d_scan and d_artwork) and performing a full scan. The log is too big to see any scan info, but the artwork info looks correct (looks like all the other albums). Are there any way to see more of the log?

2) Placing another cover.jpg in the folder (From an album without this problem). Full scan. Same result.

3) Making a new music folder with only this album. Full scan. Problem gone.

4) Moving album to test server (only album on the server). Full Scan. No problem.

I have had the problem for some time. Both on 6.2.1, a 6.2.2 Nightly, a 6.5b nightly and on a current Subversion.

I have looked at the ID3 tags with different editors to see if there was anything strange. Did not find anything.

I'm running on Linux (Fedora 4).

What can I do to solve this problem?

2006-03-07, 14:38
Every time this has happened to me, it is because a song outside of that directory had the same 'Album' tag.

Ie, something was either mistagged or it's a common album name like 'Unplugged' or 'Best of' or even Frank Sinatra: Trilogy vs the ELP album of the same name.

Check the songs in the album list and make sure they're all what they're supposed to be and that a 'foreign' track didn't sneak in. If it's a "common" album name, add that to the list of common names and do a full wipe-rescan.

2006-03-07, 15:42
I have checked that. I have had a similar problem with another album, and here it was because of another album with the same name. I solved that by renaming one of the albums, since the "Common Album Name" feature had some problems with this album because it has a special character in the name. I will return to that problem when I have solved the current problem.

A thing I forgot in the first mail: When I have the duplicate song entries on the album, one of the duplicates shows no information when clicked. And when I then show the album again, this duplicate is gone.

2006-03-08, 14:59
Found out how to start the server as a normal program, so I could get a full logfile. This logfile showed me that the album in question was scanned twice. First scan came from a Playlist, and the second scan came from the physical folder.

For some reason this made some of the songs show up twice in the folder list, and give problems with the Album artwork. I don't know if this can be considered an error in the SlimServer, or just a mishap.

After deleting the playlist and doing a full rescan, the problem is solved. The artwork now shows up correctly in "Browse Artwork"