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2003-11-11, 05:17
> I notice in the deluge of emails I got over the weekend from this
> that people have been sharing their thoughts on it. My two penneth (=10c)
>is that an email based list is a bit limited in these web days.

I, on the other hand, greatly prefer email delivery to any web based system.
I am subscribed to 30+ mailing lists. Who has time to go one at a time to
thirty different web sites multiple times each day to check for new

"Lists" with only a web interface I only read when I really, really need
something from them, then I am gone. With mailing lists it is much easier
for me to become a part of the community.

The very act of seeking sets something in motion to meet us;
something in the universe, or in the unconscious responds as if
to an invitation. - Jean Shinoda Bolen