View Full Version : Pandora: is it possible to switch accounts?

Vic @ Pandora
2006-03-06, 16:29
Say that a user accidentally registers a new Pandora account on squeezenetwork instead of using their existing one, then later realizes the error of his ways and wants to use the existing one to get all their old stations back.

Is there any way to switch the account? It seems as though once a Pandora account is registered on squeezenetwork, there is no way to modify it.

Vic @ Pandora
2006-03-06, 16:41
By the way, I just tried this link from the Pandora + Squeezebox FAQ:


While I did get a prompt to enter an existing Pandora account, when I entered the old account information, I got an error about already having a Pandora account.

However, the name of the Pandora account as displayed on squeezenetwork changed to the existing account name ("vic@pandora.com"), while the squeezebox continued to play the incorrect one ("vic2@pandora.com"), the favorites link on squeezenetworks also links to the "vic2" account.

Vic @ Pandora
2006-03-07, 13:05
Update: this appears to be fixed.

Looks like changing the Pandora account email from here: http://www.squeezenetwork.com/services/pandora/account

Does work after all for switching accounts. You will need to log out once and log back in to update the "your favorites page" link on there.

2009-03-14, 10:07
I had the same problem and this is how I got it fixed. It works 100%

1) Right click on the Pandora tuner and make sure it says flash version 9. Otherwise reinstall Flash by clicking here:

2) Select "Settings" from the menu that appeared when you right clicked on the Pandora tuner.

3) Click on the little file folder icon.

4) Click on the little slider and move it all the way to the left. Then click "ok" and then "close".

5) Reload the Pandora web page by pressing F5, or clicking the Reload icon.

6) Click "Allow".

7) Reload the Pandora web page yet again as in step 5. A fresh Pandora tuner comes up.

8) Click on "Sign In". Then enter your email address and password.