View Full Version : Change SqueezeNetwork menu items?

2006-03-06, 10:56
The SqueezeNetwork menu displayed on the SB3 contain some items that I never use i.e. alarm clock, natural sounds, archived "live" performances and RSS feeds.

It would be nice to be able to customize/simplify the menu in the same manner as one can customize the Player menu. Any plans to include such an option???

2006-03-06, 15:01
Don't think you can customize menus on the display...but will say that I thought the Live Music Archive was no big deal until I logged on and started scrolling through the choices. Pretty damn amazing...not only every Grateful Dead concert for which an audience tape exists, but even some very recent good sounding boots (Ryan Adams 2005 South Carolina to name one). Hundreds of artists/bands to choose from.......most I never heard of, but hey,...
So play around with that feature a bit....you may find something you like....